December 2019  
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Judy Geesey

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Judy Geesey is Treasurer of the congregation.  She was born in San Francisco, CA and moved to the Jacobus area as a child.  She has 5 children and 6 grandchildren.  She retired from bookkeeping with an accounting firm.   She has been a member of Salem since childhood.   When she was asked to be treasurer, she also decided to serve on council so that she would know what was going on.  Judy still attends council meetings in her position as treasurer but is no longer an elected council member. She says, “I think being a member means giving time to serve on council.  I encourage people to worship with us because people at Salem are friendly, loving, a family environment.   I want to see our congregation grow.”   Judy shares her voice with the chancel choir and rings in the chime choir.  She is known for her scrubbies.